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Mobile Animal Farms

BRISBANE PONY PARTIES provide the cleanest, healthiest and friendliest farm animals that have been hand raised from an early age.

We have 4 Mobile Animal Farms. Our adorable baby farm animals give the children an amazing experience with baby Goat Kids, Lambs, Piglets, a Calf, Chickens and Ducks, Baby Chicks and Guinea Pigs.

We also have an assortment of exotic poultry including spotty bantam chickens, fluffy silkies, frizzles with curly feathers, pekins and belgians with feathered legs and feet!
SCHOOLS AND CHILD CARE CENTRES receive an EDUCATIONAL LESSON included in the farm visit.

The children can pat and hold, feed and bottle feed these precious little animals - a priceless experience they will remember for a lifetime!

Ideal for Birthday Parties, Playgroups, Aged Care Centres, Schools and Pre-schools, shopping centres, churches and corporate functions, we entertain adults and children of all ages.

Watch your children's faces as you introduce them to the wonderful world of Farm Yard Babies. See them smile as they hold a baby chick for the first time or bottle feed a baby goat or lamb!


Aged Care Visits

The elderly also benefit greatly from contact with the animals and we regularly visit nursing homes and aged care centres.

We are more than happy to carry some of the small baby animals around the centre to see the residents who can no longer come out to see the animals.
You may even receive a surprise visit from our miniature horse "Kaysha" or one of her friends.

You will hear the residents reminiscing about growing up on the farm and the pet Lamb, goat or pig they had as a child.
Pony and Animal Farm Packages

For something really special you can have the mobile animal farm and 1 or more ponies at the discount package price, just call Sandy for a quote!

Children can hold baby chicks and guinea pigs, feed all the animals, bottle feed the babies, for a wonderful experience they'll never forget.

Birthday Parties can be booked from 10am - 12noon or earlier  OR  2pm - 4pm or later. Functions of 3 or more hours duration can be booked for any time.

For bookings call Sandy on 0414 55 44 16 or email
with your name, number, suburb and date for the event and details of what you would like to book.

Brisbane Pony Parties can bring Mobile Animal Farms to you in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surronding areas like Ipswich, Toowoomba, Logan, Warrick etc.
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For a quote. Call Sandy - 0414 55 44 16